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How do the sweatshirts fit?

-The sweatshirts fit true to size. I only recommend sizing up if you want an oversized look. 
-The t-shirts are 100% cotton and will shrink a little! 

Are the sweatshirts and
t-shirts unisex?


Do we see the outline before you make the item?

-ONLY if you request a proof in the notes section upon check out!

How many photos do you recommend we send of each pet?

-2 photos of each pet would be amazing!

Do you have to have the name of your pet underneath or can you write something else?

-You don’t have to have the name of your pet under the image! You can have no name, or you can personalize it to something else like “dog mom” or “@instagramhandle”

Just be sure to write it in the notes section upon checkout.

If we have more than one pet, do we send photos of them together or individual photos of each?

-Individual photos work best! But you can attach multiple photos, so you can send some individual and some together if you’d like.

Do you do other pets, or only dogs ?

-ALL pets welcome!  Some other animals I’ve done include cats,horses, bunnies, hamsters, goats, parrots, and a snake!


What are the best type of photos to send?

- Close up, high quality, well lit, full head in frame (dont crop off ears, top of head etc.), unfiltered, straight on
-Portrait mode usually works great! 


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