Harpermade is a brand that provides trendy, minimalistic and high quality apparel and items for animal lovers. 

hey there!

I'm Caitlyn, Harper’s dog mom
and proud creator of Harpermade. 

Born and raised on Long Island, NY I grew up with my two amazing sisters, a love for home decor, design, and a passion for gymnastics that eventually led me to Raleigh, NC. There, I competed as a Division I gymnast for NC State and got my best friend and inspiration, Harper! My long haired wiener dog is a sassy, loving, and adorable little girl who quickly became my world. After graduating, I returned home to work as an educator, and while I was proud of my position, I often would daydream of what a career that incorporated my love for dogs and design would be like... and then 2020 hit. With months and months of quarantine throwing lemons our way, I decided to make lemonade. I picked up an old t-shirt and made something that would brighten my days, a shirt with my sweet Harper on it! Soon, my little at home craft would launch into a custom apparel company where I get to create pieces that make pet parents across the country as happy as Harper makes me. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and I couldn’t be happier that I found my passion with Harpermade. Your support and love has meant the world and I can’t wait to create more custom pieces that you LOVE! So shop small, shop Harpermade... we are pawsitive you will love it ;)




My dream job in pre-school was to be a “dog walker”


I can watch A Star is Born and Elf on repeat for the rest of my life


I received a full ride gymnastics scholarship to NC State 


I can’t fall asleep unless the TV is on


Shopping is my therapy. When I’m stressed you can find me in the aisles of Marshalls, TJ Maxx or HomeGoods.


Favorite binge watch is a tie between Breaking Bad and Gossip Girl


Fueled by coffee & avocado toast 

Fetch is life. If you don’t throw it back quick enough, you’ll never hear the end of it

Energetic from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed 

Vacuums are in fact monsters 

You can find her attached to my hip 24/7

She also goes by Rini, Harpy, Harper Rini Roo, Little Girl, Rooster

She has no sense of personal space, she will walk across your face to get where she needs to go, instead of going around you

She’s obsessed with chapstick. She can hear the cap come off from a mile away





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